Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pacifica Institute manipulates Greek Orthodox St. Hagia Sofia Church for a Greek Display-recognize the photographer?

Turks at Pacifica Institute plotting a way to take over St. Hagia Sofia Church and convert it to a mosque as they have in Istanbul?

Silly Americans into the "dialogue" web of Pacifica Institute, Gulen's dialogue scam - Gulen Turks invaded the Byzantine Latino quarter of Los Angeles, CA

Same photographer from 2 years ago that traveled over 300 miles
to photograph protest at Gulen operated Bay Area Technology School

Same Gulenist photographer at Pacifica Institute event 2 years earlier tries to intimidate protesters at Gulen Bay Area Technology School

Gulen Turk photographer wears the same smelly shirt

Watch photographer at protest in Oakland
Gulen School- Bay Area Technology School

Photographers from the Calfiornia Gulen production company of  Westwood Productions?

Here he is at the protest closer up and claiming to be from the
travel show?

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